OutsourcingGazette: FlexTech, Inc. recognized as 25 Most Promising Healthcare Services Providers – 2016

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FlexTech: Securing the Healthcare Industry through Managed Services

The managed services vertical, which has become a core aspect of the healthcare industry over the past decade, has been quite instrumental in its transition to today’s advanced business infrastructure. Influenced heavily by predominant technologies of today, healthcare institutions worldwide have adopted managed healthcare services to enhance their work competence. The challenge however in today’s managed services market arises during the access and procurement of managed healthcare software. To this end, a non-biased partner aids greatly in identifying and understanding all the options that are available in today’s market to choose the most effective one. Michigan based firm FlexTech has been a long time purveyor of such services, that apart from the more prominent aspects such as boost in efficiency and ease of access also enable the fluent management of healthcare organizations.

FlexTech’s primary objective has always been to ensure that all the products in the market are represented factually and impartially. Aiding FlexTech in evaluating such products is the company’s Payer Functionality Matrix, a tool that details out over 700 functional questions and results based on an ongoing updating process over the past 15 years. “Every time FlexTech identifies a new feature in a product, the matrix gets updated for easy to use reporting to meet the exact needs of a new assessment or procurement client,” says Craig Pfent, the Founder and President, FlexTech.

The Payer Software is the cornerstone of FlexTech’s technical competency and the company helps clients in configuring and implementing this piece of technology efficiently. FlexTech distinguishes itself from its competition in the level of training and cross training it offers to each consultant and of each product in the industry. “On average, FlexTech takes 10-15 year veterans of the industry and invests three months of training on each product offering which they consult on,” elaborates Craig. FlexTech has established itself well in the market through the quality of training their consultants receive. This has created a demand amongst vendors who are constantly seeking to supplement their staff. FlexTech’s award winning book on the implementation of the payer software titled ‘The Healthcare Implementation Experience,’ is also a key part of their approach. “We train and work with our clients early on, so that we can help them configure and implement their software in a timely and efficient manner,” says Craig.

By leveraging their near 27 years of experience gained from over 270 implementations, Flex- Tech has elevated its service competency to a level where it is capable of providing an internal assessment of the compatibility of a healthcare plan in the implementation of a new system. This has been the company’s USP for years and the key aspect that aids in the putting projects into motion for healthcare organizations.Goto the original article: http://www.outsourcinggazette.com/digital-magazines/OG-Jan-2016/#page=19