FlexTech and Invidasys Develop New Partnership

Matt Travers News

FlexTech, a leading healthcare consulting and services company for over 25 years, announced its newest partnership with Invidasys, a software engineering firm that develops component solutions for health insurance plans and providers.  Through the partnership, FlexTech will provide; technical consulting, implementation, and configuration services and resources for the Invidasys VIDASuiteTM cloud-based healthcare payer and provider software solutions.

“Invidasys is proud to partner with FlexTech.  We are confident that their knowledgeable resources will help us support the complex needs of our customers.  We look to FlexTech, and their reputation for quality services, to augment our own staff during this time of rapid growth and expansion,” said Marc Horowitz, Exec VP of Business Development at Invidasys.  “FlexTech has demonstrated their ability to meet the needs of our clients and assist in our product implementation and delivery.”

Invidasys has unparalleled knowledge of healthcare, information technology, cloud-technology, process management, and implementation methodologies. This provides you with access to best practices and optimization every step of the way.  As business and government standards change, you need a system that can evolve with your complex needs and a team who knows how to make it happen. The Invidasys team makes it easy, and strives to assist your organization in leveraging your existing technology investments via fast software implementations along with expert product knowledge.

“We are excited to be working with Invidasys.  With our knowledge of existing claims payer and provider systems, and the knowledge behind the Invidasys team and their ability to make it happen, we strive to exceed customer expectations,” said Craig Pfent, President and CEO of FlexTech.  “We look forward to continued growth.”

About FlexTech

FlexTech is a leading information technology consulting company, offering a full range of services to managed healthcare organizations. Our services revolve around the implementation lifecycle of healthcare payer transaction systems, including system assessment and procurement, project management, configuration, and operations readiness. Our consultants average over 20 years of healthcare experience, and have participated in over 250 transaction system implementation projects involving every major healthcare system. For over 25 years, FlexTech has been dedicated exclusively to solving payer problems, and has formed collaborative partnerships with the leading healthcare payer technology vendors. We continually expand our staff knowledge base with the latest tools, training, and information, enabling us to provide our clients with the most experienced and knowledgeable consultants available. For more information, please contact us at (616) 392-9726 or visit www.flextech.com

About Invidasys

Invidasys delivers agile cloud technology-based health information management component solutions and services to the complex health insurance plan sector. The Arizona-based software engineering firm develops software components and services for health insurance plans and providers that are primarily focused on Medicare, Medicaid, and Health Insurance Exchange product offerings, and subject to strict government compliance.  Invidasys identifies specific administrative pain points of health insurance plans and providers and offers strategic solutions, via their VIDASuiteTM family of software components, to assist organizations maximize the value of their IT investment. For more information, please contact the Invidasys team at: 480-792-1950 or visit http://www.invidasys.com/.