Technical Consulting

Integration Planning

The integration of disparate technologies and systems is one of the top challenges facing healthcare payer organizations today. FlexTech’s system architects design innovative solutions to connect your technology platforms in efficient and effective ways. Our designers constantly look for ways to improve transaction processing, eliminate redundant data, and increase information quality.

Integration Development

Our commitment to your integration efforts does not end when the planning is completed. Our integration teams have the skills and experience to build the complete solution. Whether it’s a .Net component to connect your claims system to the utilization management application or a Java based module providing a conduit to and from a data warehouse our staff can construct the all of the needed software objects.

Interface Implementation

While HIPAA has promised to standardize the way healthcare payer organizations exchange data, anyone who has worked with those transaction sets knows that true standardization is still a long way off. Every implementation of a HIPAA transaction is different. These differences require customizations to optimize the processing of the transactions. Some of the simple customizations can be performed through configuration settings but complex processing will require software development. FlexTech has a proven track record of success relating to custom HIPAA interface development.

Implementation Support

Implementing a new technology solution such as a claims processing system requires substantial support from an internal IT staff that is already at or near capacity. FlexTech offers a variety of solutions designed to ease the burden of these large-scale projects while ensuring that the necessary knowledge is transferred to the internal staff. Historical conversions, EDI, application configuration, and reporting are all areas that require significant technical support during these implementations and FlexTech has experts available in all of those areas.

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Whether it’s the building of a software application from the ground up or altering an existing product FlexTech team follows a disciplined process to ensure success. We apply years of experience along with industry standard best practices to all stages of the SDLC. Our engineers and analysts work in unison with your technology teams to ensure that the products that we deliver can be easily supported in the future.