Project Management

Once you choose the system that best fits your claim-system requirements, the next step to implementation is effective project management.

FlexTech project managers can help you make a smooth transition to your new system. We’ve provided project management services for hundreds of system modifications, conversions, implementations, and upgrade projects of all sizes. Our consultants—each averaging 20 years of healthcare experience—are trained and/or certified in all of today’s leading healthcare software systems. To ensure we keep pace with the changing IT marketplace, our highly skilled project managers update their training regularly.

FlexTech PMs will help you manage the necessary steps—including project planning, establishing and encouraging leadership, conversion, testing and training—so your system implementation runs efficiently, while avoiding financial expense, wasted time, and resistance to change within your organization.

Project Planning

Our project managers will help you to identify all the components that make up the project, then organize them into logical, workable groups. Finally, we create a comprehensive, fluid workplan that functions as the primary tool for managing the project.


FlexTech project managers have years of experience providing competent and confident leadership within company teams. They will also help you identify which representatives from your staff are best qualified to lead and direct specific projects and tasks, promoting ownership and responsibility.

You will most likely need to transfer accumulated data from your existing system to your new system. This “historical conversion” requires that the old system be analyzed in light of the new system, taking into account the underlying technology and data structures of both, along with the additional functions of the new system. Our project managers will help you assess the various technical elements required of both systems to guarantee a smooth conversion.


FlexTech’s project managers use a three-pronged approach in testing your new system that allows us to prevent or diminish any adverse reactions from customers, providers, staff, or business partners. We begin with a unit test plan, comparing the performance and functionality of each individual component. The second phase is an integrated test plan that measures the applications’ ability to support complete business processes. Finally, the parallel test plan involves performing an identical set of business activities using both the existing and the new system.


A comprehensive training schedule will be incorporated to ensure that all staff members are adequately trained prior to production use of the system. We realize that your associates will need to re-establish a level of comfort before maximum efficiencies can be achieved, so FlexTech project managers help you work toward that end. Our experts can create a training schedule to fit your specific system and business needs.