Operations Readiness

FlexTech utilizes a comprehensive approach to Operations Readiness by identifying business-process redesign activities and opportunities, developing efficient staffing plans, and identifying realistic go-live dates. This process involves all functional areas, including claims, enrollment, customer service, provider services, medical management, finance, and A/R.

Business Process Redesign

FlexTech works with clients to identify gaps between their current operational process flows and the optimal process flows required for a new system implementation. Business process re-design must take into account all functional areas such as enrollment, customer service, claims, provider services, premium billing, accounts receivable and claims payment, as these functional areas may have hand-offs to other areas. The risks and potential ROI for the identified gaps are determined. FlexTech’s expertise in system implementations and business process re-design enables clients to implement the most efficient business process while maximizing their available system functionality.

During Model Office, the new business processes are integrated with system configuration to ensure a smooth implementation for all customers. Business Process Redesign continues throughout the Model Office process and Go-Live implementation.

Efficient Staff Plans

FlexTech works with clients to design the most effective and efficient staff plan to meet their implementation goals. Implementing a new system requires a combination of client staff who understand their current business set-up AND new-system Subject Matter Experts, ready to share their knowledge. Our experts are adept at identifying each client’s ideal implementation staffing formula.

FlexTech helps clients plan and project their upcoming staffing needs, based upon future business processes, policies, and procedures. Clients may see an opportunity for reduction in staff, thus providing additional ROI.


Identifying a realistic, acceptable go-live date is both an art and a puzzle. FlexTech has been solving the puzzle and refining the art for many years, through direct implementation efforts and by leading many small- to large-scale implementations. Without a well-planned go-live date, any implementation is certain to experience problems, causing senior management to lose confidence. To help determine realistic go-live dates, FlexTech continuously evaluates the time and personnel required to complete all tasks, including meeting state and/or federal deadlines and corporate strategic objectives. Should senior management apply pressure to hurry the implementation, our detailed project plan serves to support the necessary timing.

Once the go-live date is approved by senior management, FlexTech assists with go-live planning and implementation. This includes Model Office and dry runs of the actual system implementation—a critical piece of the Operations Readiness puzzle. Go-live planning identifies potential issues, resolution procedures, escalation processes, which Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are needed, and specific department support needed for the actual go-live date.